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Friday, November 4, 2011

Bon Voyage

Mr Fitzwarren's ship was provisioned for a long voyage and loaded with trade goods. 

At last the captain came aboard and all land visitors were sent ashore. 

Dick probably was one of the last visitors to leave. No doubt he said goodby to his cat and wished it a pleasant journey as he handed it to one of the friendly sailors. The lines holding the ship to the dock were loosed, the sails were unfurled and the big ship moved silently down the Thames river toward the sea.

No doubt there were enough mice and rats aboard the ship to keep the cat occupied--and no doubt he found a cozy place to sleep--maybe on a pile of sails or in a warm coil of hemp rope and no doubt all the sailors enjoyed the company of such a lively, furry little animal.

And the new sailor cat no doubt soon knew the ship stem to stern--from dank, cold bilges to the highest sunny crow's nest.  


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