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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lord Mayor

Of course, Dick quickly sought Mr. Fitzwarren's advise and the gentleman suggested that Dick first begin to educate himself in the traditional three "R"s--reading, writing and arithmetic-- and Dick willingly plunged into his studies.

Then Dick began to start his own businesses--perhaps he started with something he knew very well--things learned from his childhood in the kitchen. He might have started a small bakery or a opened a vegetable stall in a market. Then perhaps he hired some craftspeople to fabricate something which was a popular item in those days--boar's bristle brushes and ivory combs, perhaps, or small hand mirrors.

As he developed more skill in management he grew into a man of substance and the money from the sale of his pearls multiplied into a vast fortune--he was even asked for loans by the King of England.

Dick's mentor, Mr. Fitzwarren, became not only a friend and but his father-in-law when he married Alice.

And when he was a mature man he was elected by the first citizens of London to be their Lord Mayor--the highest office in the city--not just once, but as the Bow bells had predicted, three times.


And, Dearest of All, may you experience the same good fortune.


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