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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good Trade

Dick returned to Mr. Fitzwarren's house with new hope, determination and a goal--hadn't the Bow bells told him he would be Lord Mayor of London?

The cook seemed to have changed too--he was not as mean to the boy as he had been--or was it that Dick's own attitude--his own anger and frustration--had changed?

Not so very long thereafter the long overdue ship--the ship which had been carrying Dick's cat--returned to its home dock with a fat cargo of trade goods from distant lands and we are told that the cargo contained a wonderful reward for Dick. 

The traditional story does not tell the details but I can imagine something like this conversation between Dick and the ship's Captain: "Dick, my lad, you are a very lucky chap! The trade goods you invested--your cat--was exactly the right goods for a very fortunate trade. 

"We touched at an out-of-the-way island seldom visited by trade vessels where the people had never seen a cat but had too many rats-- rats which had come as stowaways with the original native settlers in their great double canoes generations before. 

"The people  were surprised and delighted that your cat could catch and kill the rats. 

"Their chief wanted to keep the cat and I offered it to him--in exchange for two handfuls of beautiful big pearls--pearls which were not so valuable there but which are worth a king's ransom here

"So, Dick-- I will keep half of the pearls for Mr. Fitzwarren's and my commission and here is a pouch of pearls for you! 

"Be careful with them and get some good advice from Mr Fitzwarren about selling and investing with them because they could be the beginning of a great fortune for you!"


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